Meet Sherold

sherold_aboutThe Bon priest poured ara from oddly shaped bottles and invited us to drink. The harsh homemade liquor burned my throat. Then this gentle Buddhist and four other men from the tiny Bhutanese village miles above the clouds began a ceremony where they petitioned their deities to look kindly on us Westerners. The women of the village shyly sang and danced for us; I answered back with a spirited, if off-key, “Row Row Row Your Boat.” In minutes, we were all on our feet, shaking it all about to the “Hokey Pokey.” The next morning, the women sang and danced a farewell to us as we trekked down the mountainside. Connecting with these villagers was one of the most exhilarating times of my life.

My travels have taken me from the Cascades to Capri, from Monument Valley to Mexico. There’s much more of the world I want to map, even as I continue my spiritual journey within. But the greatest distance I’ve traveled has been from the fearful person I used to be. I grew up with a loving but anxious mother who always kept her cub close: “Don’t swim in the ocean—you’ll get eaten by a shark!” “Don’t hike in the woods–the bears will get you!” I obeyed, but got tired of staying on the sidelines, watching everyone else have all the fun. Slowly I began to edge out of my comfort zone. And then I suddenly got shoved—there I was, the divorced mother of a four-year-old, unexpectedly out on my own. After seven years as a single mom, I learned I could do all those things that used to terrify me: buy a car, close on a home and renovate it, go to restaurants and eat at a table for one, build my own business and succeed at it. And I learned I could transform my fear into self-confidence.

When I hit midlife, I got two reminders that there’s no time to lose in pursuing your dreams. First, my grandmother—who at 101 is as sharp as a tack, with a gorgeous smile and terrific sense of humor—helped me realize that I’ve got another 35 years to make a difference. Next, my youngest brother was murdered; four years later his homicide remains unsolved and his dreams unfulfilled. I knew it was time to listen to my gut and make the changes I’d been longing to make: I decided to bring my successful career path—I’ve run my own boutique communications firm, directed PR and marketing for a major hospital, and been a top realtor—into a new phase as a life coach. Today I’m one of a select group who received a Master Life Coach Certification from Martha Beck, bestselling author and the life coach columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine. This challenging certification process has given me leading-edge life coaching tools to help women, men and groups make the transition into midlife the best part of their life yet. I’m also certified by Northstar and the International Coach Federation and trained with the Corporation for Positive Change.

At 57, I’m living proof that midlife is marvelous! I specialize in helping Baby Boomers figure out what they want to do, and how they can make a difference. I use my chops from twenty years as a successful business leader and my tools and techniques as a master life coach to help you both dream big and take the concrete steps to make those dreams a reality.

Does the idea of transforming your life scare you? Excite you? Awesome! Think of me as your formerly fearful fearless leader. Together we’ll launch you on your next great adventure!