Are you ready to discover your true calling in life?

You will learn how to:
• Discover how your body and emotions are your personal navigation system to guide you to your best life.
• Listen to your inner voice, quiet your mind chatter and tune out what society or others say that takes you off course.
• Question your thoughts and dissolve limiting beliefs about yourself.
• Dissolve cultural stereotypes and perceptions of midlife as “over the hill.”
• Uncover your true passions and discover what brings meaning to your life.
• Prepare to discover your greater calling.

Coaching Packages

Life coaching is one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself. It’s a powerful process designed get you in touch with your authentic self, dissolve negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold you back, and to hear the call to your true destiny.

One-on-one coaching sessions with me are available to you either as a one-time 75-minute session ($150 each) or by a package that includes weekly 75-minute coaching sessions and support through email, a CD of five Martha Beck master coaches talking about ‘Ten Simple Ways to Raise Your Joy Meter’ and a journal for charting your process.

My coaching packages offer you the best value with lower hourly rates. Coaching sessions take place in person if you live in Portland, Oregon or over the phone.

To experience optimum results, I recommend that you commit to at least three months of coaching with one 75-minute session weekly. I also offer the option to be coached every other week.

Explorer – 6 sessions $800 ($100 discount)
Adventurer – 12 sessions $ 1575 ($225 discount) BEST VALUE

We start by having you fill out a questionnaire about your life and what you most want in your life. You send this to me one day prior to our first session. Your first coaching session will be one and a half hours. Each session after that is 75 minutes.

We focus on what you most want in your life and what is the area of least satisfaction. I teach you how to use your body as a guidance system to keep you on the path to your best life. In subsequent sessions, you learn tools to keep your joy meter in the positive zone.

As we progress, I will work with your thoughts to help you dissolve them and create newer thoughts that inspire you to take action in the direction of your goals.

Then we create a customized plan just for your life. You get to look back at the highpoints of your life, and we use that as a platform for going forward in midlife. You will create a plan for the second half that helps you manifest all dreams you put on the shelf and new dreams you want to live out.

Through each step along the way, we keep tabs on your thoughts. I am an expert at questioning negative thoughts or limiting beliefs you might not realize you are holding about yourself.

My coaching work is influenced by the work of Martha Beck, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Angelis Arrien and many other teachers in the field of personal development spirituality.

If you are ready to give yourself the gift of fulfilling your life dreams – buckle your seatbelt and sign up. Let’s get to it!

Free 30-minute phone consultation: call (503) 595-5546 to schedule an appointment or click here for online appointment scheduling.